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The Skin Mapping App Designed by Dermatologists

CompariSkin™ is a skin mapping and mole mapping app designed to allow you to keep a digital record of your skin. By tracking the appearance of moles, you can protect yourself against skin cancer. You can also use the application to track changes to the appearance of skin caused by cosmetic and other creams and treatments. The CompariSkin™ application makes it easy to detect changes to your skin before your doctor can.

Why CompariSkin™

1 out of every 5 Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime, but early detection can save lives. As moles change, they provide warning signs for skin cancer, so mapping your moles is one of the best forms of preventative medicine you can practice.

  • With CompariSkin™, you create a digital photographic map of your skin, allowing you to track subtle changes to your moles & skin surface as they happen.
  • Don't wait for your next doctor's visit. Patients are more likely to self-detect melanomas than their physicians, so use CompariSkin™ to identify early warning signs.
  • Avoid unnecessary biopsies & scars. With CompariSkin™, you'll have a portable record of your skin history that you can easily share with any physician to see if changes have really occurred. 
Select Skin Zone and Take Picture - skin mapping with Compariskin
Identify & Track Moles in Close Up Mode - skin mapping with Compariskin
Compare Changes with Overlay and Split Screen Views - skin mapping with Compariskin
Share Results & History with Transitions - skin mapping with Compariskin

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MoleMapper Plus is now Compariskin

Skin mapping, along with total body exams, can help detect skin changes including potential melanomas and skin cancer. 65% of melanoma cases each year are detected by patients and their partners.  CompariSkin mobile app assists patients in capturing consistent images to easily compare side-by-side and overlaid to help detect changes. This tool is especially important for at risk patients.  CompariSkin does not replace visit to physician for total body skin surveillance.