Why CompariSkin?

Why CompariSkin?

Taking a picture of a mole to see whether it has changed is not as effective as comparing two images side-by-side or overlaid.

CompariSkin is the only app that provides side-by-side and overlaid imaging.

Are you at high risk for skin cancer?
Do you have a scar from an unnecessary biopsy?

* One in five Americans develop skin cancer.
* One person dies every hour of melanoma.
* One person is diagnosed with melanoma every eight minutes
* 65% of new skin cancers are detected by the patient and their partner.
* 90% of biopsies may not be necessary

High-risk individuals predisposed to develop skin cancer include those with just one blistering sunburn, 10 or more visits to a tanning bed, family history of melanoma or pancreatic cancer, history of atypical mole syndrome and immunosuppressed individuals.

Taking a picture of a mole to see whether it has changed is not as effective as comparing two images side-by-side or overlaid. Recently I saw a patient who had a mole that was to be followed with photography. The patient opted to take a photograph, without CompariSkin.
When seen in follow-up she stated that it was had not changed but when compared with side-by-side images, it had indeed changed and was evolving into an early melanoma. Mole mapping has been shown to detect melanoma earlier. Side by side and overlaid images facilitate recognition of early changes.

A recent multi-institutional study has proven that mole mapping reduces the number of biopsies. Major health centers may perform mole mapping, but relatively few dermatologists in private practice perform this service.
If the image of the mole has not changed and the physician does not see distinct abnormal dermascopic features, why biopsy the growth and leave a scar?  Additionally, knowing that medical errors occur, wrong site biopsies can be avoided with a picture. Preventable medical errors is the number 3 killer in the United States: 400,000 people per year die each year. Taking charge and advocating for yourself can make huge difference.

Other features that make CompariSkin thorough and unique include the use of hologram images that allow reproducibility, examining close-ups with just one click, reminders, charting results and email capability to share photos with your physician.
While CompariSkin is intended to assist you with your skin health, it does not replace a dermascopic exam with your physician.

CompariSkin: A digital map to healthier skin.

Gary Lichten, M.D.

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