Case Histories

Skin Mapping & Mole Mapping with CompariSkin™

Monitoring the appearance of skin can help you and your Doctor track changes that could represent a risk to your health, like skin cancer, and can also enable you to judge positive impact from various cosmetic or pharmaceutical products. Mole mapping with an app is a great addition to your skin health regimen, especially for those at risk of melanoma or skin cancer. Skin mapping can be a useful exercise for anyone investing in cosmetic products, or treating a topical skin condition. The skin mapping process is made incredibly easy with CompariSkin™.

Mole Mapping with CompariSkin™

1 - CompariSkin™ is used for Mole Mapping, focusing on a pigmented lesion on right thigh.

  • 60 y.o. caucasian woman
  • Exam revealed 4mm dark brown macule with slight variation of color with dermoscopy unremarkable.
  • After six months another photo taken and comparison revealed change. The nevus was excised.
  • Diagnosis: Atypical Melanocytic Hyperplasia
  • Being able to compare photos side-by-side are beneficial in detecting early change.
Skin Mapping with CompariSkin™

2 - CompariSkin™ used to track affectiveness of anti-aging treatment

  • 66 y.o.caucasian male
  • Cream applied b.i.d. to one side of the face.
  • After three weeks, side-by-side comparison reveals objective evidence of improvement.
  • Before and after photos beneficial in evaluating effectiveness of products

3 - CompariSkin™ used for mole mapping, side-by-side feature captures change in nevus.

  • 67 y.o. caucasian male
  • Built-in reminder feature alerts user to create updated Mole Map to compare with past Mole Maps.
  • User noticed slight darkening of a nevus on left lower leg using app's side-by-side and overlay features.
  • Diagnosis: Dysplastic Nevus
  • App reminders beneficial for prompting self examination
  • Side-by-side and overlay features facilitates detecting change in nevi

Download CompariSkin™

CompariSkin™ is available on iOS 6.0 or later devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Download the skin mapping and mole mapping app designed by dermatologists!